Sunday, February 07, 2016

Super Bowl Sunday: Best Remixes of Coldplay, Beyonce, Bruno Mars & Lady Gaga

In honour of Super Bowl Sunday's numerous pop performers, I've decided to compile a list of remixes that make their music that much more palatable. With Coldplay already utilizing Avicii's production its only a matter of time before the NFL enlists Avicii, Aoki or Kygo to leverage the youth demographic. 

First off, Lady Gaga will be singing the national anthem, and although I don't have any remixes of that, there have been a number of good Gaga remixes over the years. Perhaps my favourite is Jody Den Broeder's "Poker Face" remix (video below). Rainmain (the main producer, previously behind Krewella) delivered a remixes of her massive debut track "Just Dance." And of course, everyone remembers Skrillex's remix of "Alejandro." These should keep you dancing throughout the endless commercial breaks, regardless of whether your team is winning or not.

Apparently one year of Bruno Mars isn't enough for the NFL, enlisting him once again for the halftime show. Luckily his particular brand of pop is easily remixed and improved upon. The first is more of a mashup but an enhancement nonetheless, DJ AJ's "Locked Out Of A Bottle" pitting the classic Police "Message In A Bottle" against Mars' "Locked Out Of Heaven." And of course there are those intoxicating "Uptown Funk" remixes from Riggi & Piros, as well as Charlie Darker (below):

Beyonce will also join Coldplay and Bruno Mars onstage for the halftime show, and it goes without saying that there are a plethora of Bey remixes to choose from. My personal favourite comes from Jack Beats and their remix of "Countdown." Right alongside the Jack Beats mix, comes the Jack U remix of "7/11." My final addition to the Bey remix collection is actually a Destiny's Child remix. Lazerpiff delivered a game changing bootleg of "Lose My Breath" over three years ago, but you can still pick it up free for yourself. Finally we have Coldplay, who have dozens of great remixes, that I've cut it down to an even half dozen. First is the Gabriel & Dresden remix of "Clocks." Mashup legend Party Ben combined Coldplay's "Talk" with Kraftwerk's "Computer Love" to create "Computer Talk." The Cryptonites also took on Coldplay, remixing "Violet Hill" to great success. Of course there is Kygo's remix of "Midnight" and Aylen's remix of "Fix You." There's also two great Canadian remixes from Moiez "A Sky Full Of Stars" and DeBoer "Viva La Vida." Gorge yourself on these tracks and remind yourself the world isn't just pop bullshit, while you get bombarded with endless consumerism and a barrage of pop culture.