Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Malaa - Fade

Who ever Malaa is, they're at it again, dropping the deathly dark and increasingly mysterious "Fade."
The still unidentified DJ/producer signed to Tchami's new Confession label, drops "Fade" as just their fourth original production. While it doesn't step away from the G-House sound we've come to associate with the masked producer, it does bring a notably more creepy feel than their previous productions. The eerie, science fiction, X-Files-esque, ringing high end reaches a bloodcurdling climax when supported with the otherworldly groaning, before the seriously sinister trademark Malaa bass drop. Aided by Kool G, Nas "Fast Life," and FuturePusha T "Move That Dope" samples, Malaa succeeds once again in re-purposing hip-hop lyrics while propelling the house music resurgence. It doesn't seem like Malaa is about to fade away anytime soon, so grab your copy now before you miss the bandwagon.