Saturday, February 13, 2016

Filous - Feel Good Inc. (feat. LissA)

Austrian wunderkind Filous returns from a three month hiatus with his incredibly enlightened cover of Gorillaz "Feel Good Inc." combining his trademark chill style with the inescapable groove of the original. In collaboration with Spanish vocalist LissA, Filous drops his cover, free, ahead of his European Tour.
Filous always succeeds in treating each and every one of his productions with a delicate and refined touch. His call is tremendously alluring; hypnotically spellbinding us with his chilling magic. Each sound lends so brilliantly to Filous' aesthetic, whether its the metallic, music box, plucked strings, the ringing bells or even the human hand, sliding along the guitar strings. The original succeeded in being ridiculously groovy despite its robotic, digital composition, driving endlessly and tirelessly toward an unknown destination. But the beauty of Filous' take, on Damon Albarn's production, is the way he humanizes it, giving it heart and soul, through the emotional, gut wrenching strings and LissA's ethereal vocals. At once hauntingly beautiful, incredibly uplifting and effervescent, Filous delivers yet another ebullient masterpiece. Get a free copy and Feel Good for yourself.