Friday, February 05, 2016

Cinave - Ambivalent

Yesterday, German producer Cinave released his latest production "Ambivalent." The clouds opened up, and in their majesty, the liquid drum and bass track fell from the sky, available for free download.
Playful and ever present piano leads the track from its infancy, while Cinave nurses its growth, widening the soundscape and maintaining the fluid movement. The combination of both plucked and bowed strings, does nothing but add to the track's tidal nature. The additional rings and wavering vocals in the first drop, provide further swelling playfulness. Slowly drowning, the middle section refocuses our attention on the piano, now submerged and filtered. The percussion presses on, breaking the surface, propelling the track ever forward. The vocal sample realizes itself, recalling the original, "Transfer Complete," now in the second drop surrounded by the conveying chimes and bells. Masterfully mixed, the track streams and steams ahead with its organic development, never asking too much of its listener, while taking them on a ride. Although you may be "Ambivalent" to drum and bass, there's no doubt that Cinave's track will leave you feeling some type of way.