Sunday, February 28, 2016

ROBB - Goldmind

Austrian five piece alternative soul/R&B/funk band, ROBB, have just released the lead single from their forthcoming four track EP, Heat. Pre-order the EP now and receive instantly receive "Goldmind."
Immediately infectious, funky disco vibes driven by slapped bass, "Goldmind," is incredibly fresh and energetic. The tremendous layering of the seemingly endless instrumentation is at once frenetic yet so cleverly constructed, combining to propel the track into the future of funk. "Goldmind" is a treasure trove of awesomeness, it's nearly impossible to wrap your head around it; so much movement and progression it will make your head spin. The vocals are so on point, absolutely nailing the disco/funk aesthetic. They sail along a silver stream of shimmering luminescence, highlighted by the occasional sprinkling of fiery and forceful fervor. That really is the beauty of  "Goldmind," the combination of the unstoppable outpouring of energy, that seems to emanate so easily with the playful punctuation of the percussive elements (bass, vocals, and of course the drums). The allure of the funky feels, injects its listeners with the overwhelming desire to prance around, grabbing their air guitars or makeshift microphones to become part of the fun. "Goldmind" is a wondrous slice of revitalized old-school funky energy, that brushes all worries aside in awesome, carefree fashion. Enjoy the official video below, and pick up your copy of Heat now.