Friday, February 12, 2016

Chet Porter - tbh ily

Chet Porter is so giving, that even on his birthday, he's presented is with the musical gift of "tbh ily." The offering comes today from Moving Castle, and is available on Soundcloud, Spotify and iTunes.It was about this time last year when the world was first graced with the shimmering aura of tbh ily, when it appeared in Ryan Hemsworth's Valentines Day mix for Diplo & Friends. Its effect, in that mix is so impactful, that its beauty has stayed with me ever since. Without a doubt tbh ily is the track that solidified Chet Porter as one of my favourite producers. Everything Chet releases is delightfully and stunningly beautiful, but the dazzling serenity reaches a new peak with tbh ily's utterly effervescent strings, plucking the chords of our hearts.

The percussion leads the way, at times dotingly tying us up in its careful web. Other times, it's consciously tuned to unwind us from that very web and spread our wings, open to the world. The love exudes from the warm and blissfully bouncing strides, around the 1 minute and 2:45 marks, carrying us though the joyride of tbh ily. Perhaps the crowning achievement of this, and many of Chet's other productions, is the unfathomable beauty he achieves with the seemingly glitchy and tripping feelings around the 40 second and 2:13 marks. It's the silence before the squeezed-toothpaste bottle of toothpaste pops, that sets everything straight, regaining it's stride it hits a Utopian high.  I can't help but be overtaking with the image of a pure and innocent love story, that Chet has so expertly embodied; it need not a music video, it could never be as perfect as the effect tbh ily inevitably injects. It is a celebration that you cannot avoid, nor would you ever want to.