Monday, February 08, 2016

Moomimurr - Fluffy Monsters

Yesterday, Tim, the musician behind the Moomimurr moniker, released "Fluffy Monsters" to the world.
Despite having a wide swath of social media, little information exists about Moomimurr. While he claims to make all genres of music, almost all of his tracks are labelled electro, house or both. A look at his website suggests he also has some orchestral background. That background comes to the forefront in "Fluffy Monsters," which utilizes a combination of strings, bells and other symphonic elements before insidiously twisting it into a diabolical drop. It is the sneaky combination of those awe-inspiring orchestral elements, with the overcoming apocalyptic soundscape, that brings "Fluffy Monsters" to life. Both times the drops sneak up after such tranquil and thought-provoking sections. This ambush assault (just following the 2:30 mark) is so wonderfully produced; amplified by the call back to the orchestra, completing the story of the "Fluffy Monsters."

Who knows what creature Moomimurr had in mind with his Frankenstein-esque creation, but one can easily imagine a cuddly creature like a dog or cat, that while enjoying the attention it's receiving suddenly shows it claws when touched in the wrong spot. This contrast, and stealthy drop creation, seems to run through Moomimurr's productions, clearly evident in "Angels" and "Enfant Tres Libre." His earliest tracks "Insomnia" and "Cute Horror" again play with the warm/cold, good/evil dichotomies and again illustrate Moomimurr's orchestral understanding. All of his tracks are available for free download so go ahead and get just as much as you like.