Thursday, February 18, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Rune RK - Papperlapapp

For this week's edition of my Throwback Thursday series, it gives me great pleasure to reintroduce the world to one of the most magical, deviant, gyrating, bleepy, undulating, trance and screw face inducing, tracks ever. From musical chameleon, Rune Reilly Kolsch aka Rune RK it's "Papperlapapp." 

You probably better know Rune RK for his work as Kolsch, but he's released tracks as Artificial Funk, ENUR, his collaborations with Johannes Thorpe and solo project, Ink and Needle. But of course you'll know his track "Calabria," the instrumental of which Nari & Milani combined with Alex Gaudino and Crystal Waters' "Destination Unknown." For me however. the best Rune RK or Kolsch, for that matter, production remains his 2009 production "Papperlapapp." I first came across the ever growing, progressive tech house masterpiece in a recording of Boy 8-Bit's December 4th live set at Junk nightclub in Southampton. It's the last track in the nearly hour and half mix, which I've uploaded to my dropbox, here.

I was immediately drawn to the track because it's bleepy chiptune nature. Mixed in following a simply irresistible and still unknown remix of La Roux's "In For The Kill," the playful percussion and spritely synth work quickly sucks us in. EDIT: Boy 8-Bit has confirmed that it is his remix of In For The Kill. Rune's mix of sparkling and crackling highs and undulating low end propels the track into consecrated air. It always gives me an unearthly chill as though Rune was able to meet the gods above, transcending the mortal gap, and in Promethean fashion steal their one of their greatest musical creations. The whistling synths, twirl in euphoric reverence, flowing, at once, arduously yet somehow calmly and with such great ease. It is clearly the craft of some superhuman, who quite tellingly gave it the name Papperlapapp, which in English means poppycock, hogwash or pish-posh. Perhaps Rune didn't get one of the gods' best creations but in their view, mere rubbish. Regardless, Rune RK's "Papperlapapp" stands as one of the more celestial creations I've ever encountered, still years later intimating its sublime intangible quality. Perhaps Rune RK has ascended to heaven, as we haven't heard any new releases from him for nearly two years, but he has certainly achieved immortality with his ecstasy inducing creations. For now we'll have to be satisfied with his work as the K in Rune RK, Kolsch.