Sunday, January 31, 2016

Kredo - Come Lay With Me (ft. SongDreamer)

Swiss producer Kredo has teamed up with American, neo-soul singer Songdreamer, to create the radiant, blissfully soaring "Come Lay With Me," up for free download via UK's Kinphonic label.
Right off the bat the song's presiding feel is shiny; invoking the memory of spinning music boxes, ever so delicately playing the plucked metal. Immediately warm, the production wondrously mingles with Songdreamer's beckoning invitation. The subtle use of the dissonant vocal sample magnifies the tremendous foundation of the instigating percussion and finely tuned low end. The playfully twisted synths soar, dropping pixie dust, covertly enchanting it's listeners, laying them down into a dreamlike state. In the end, "Come Lay With Me" is a decidedly rapturous euphoria of a production, with Songdreamer's alluring call, combining to define the beauty of togetherness. Kredo simply succeeds in the marriage of Songdreamer's vocals, accepting the the invitation with his solid production. Listen and heed Songdreamer's advice, "Don't pretend you can't feel the love. Don't be afraid. Let go."