Thursday, February 04, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Cassius - I < 3 U SO (Bowski Remix)

For this week's installment of my Throwback Thursday series, it gives me great pleasure to reintroduce the world to one of the most creatively crafted, fine tuned, floor throbbing, ever increasing intensity remixes, courtesy of Bowski, it's the Cassius' track "I <3 U SO" featuring vocals from Tom Cowcher.

I first heard this classic Bowski track, in Rynecologist's Still Thinking Muckmix pt. III (full mix here). Surrounded by some of the best bloghaus and a masterful mashup of Roxy Music's "More Than This" with Shadow Dancer's "Parallax," I <3 U SO builds so beautifully out of the restrained and subdued Bryan Ferry track. Its percussion slowly pushes the mix, progressing once again into an automated existence. The combination of the organic, lyrical beauty with the factory formed repetition, paints the picture of a world where life and love are one and the same, inextricably tied. The inescapable magic of Bowski's version combines the heavily structured progression, through it's many waves and processes as though it were some kind of musical Rube Goldberg machine. It's movement is unavoidable, pulsating bass work, winding and vibrating drum fills, and electronic effects combine to covertly gain control of your heart-rate. I'll always have fond memories of working in the Provincial Park using a leaf blower to clean campsites, day after day enjoying Rynecologist's mix, in large part to his track choices but also his ever so smooth mixing.