Monday, February 15, 2016

Rufus - Say A Prayer For Me (MK Remix)

Yet again Marc Kinchen (MK) has graced the world with two more masterful remixes. Friday, marked the release of his remix and dub versions of RUFUS' divine track, "Say A Prayer For Me."
Alongside remixes from Alex Metric and Mazde, MK performs some of his trademark messianic mixing, giving "Say A Prayer For Me" his club blessing. Placing our hand in MK's, he leads us on a mystical journey, lead by swelling synths, god-like bass rhythms and pious percussion. Its refined and subtle in it's ascendancy; we wave goodbye to our flawed corporeal forms as Kinchen canonizes his listeners with his immaculate groove. The holy spirit runs deep as the baptismal water flows over us, as Father MK washes us clean, absolving us from the debauchery of the rave culture.

The supernatural power of MK's remix is perhaps best seen in the powerful bassline conversion, at the 3:40 mark. MK has answered prayers that we didn't know we had. He is quite possibly the saviour of the EDM bubble, with his playful, thought provoking and progressive productions. I highly recommend picking up his RUFUS remix for your daily prayers and his dub for those darker moments in your life (Beatport link here). Check out more of MK's hymns here and add them to your daily prayer routine.