Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Genius of Danny L Harle

I really wish I could remember how it was I first came across Danny L Harle, because ever since I heard "Broken Flowers" back in February of this year, I've been enamored with his productions. Incredibly bubbly and so beautifully produced, each track features sounds that send me into a tizzy. I've been struggling to properly quantify what it is that makes Danny's productions so evocative.
Looking back at my iTunes playlist I notice that the first track I properly heard of his was "In My Dreams," and it's clear that what drew me to that track was it's combination of classical rave synths, retro/future vibes and that marimba/vibraphone playing as though its mallets were using my ribcage for its melody. Further peeling back the layers of Danny's mysterious and magical charm, the enchanting "Always Remember," is yet another example of that flourishing playfulness in combining so many different elements seemingly always around those classic rave synths. The ostensibly forever climbing, buoyant nature of his tracks without a doubt injects it's listeners with a lighthearted, jovial perspective. I can always trust Danny's productions to get me out of whatever funk I'm in. Finally the track that spurred me to write this piece, his latest production, "Ashes of Love," may just surpass "Broken Flowers" as my favourite song, not just of his, but overall, certainly in the last few months. Having mentioned my iTunes rating system recently, a look back at the past year shows 301 5 star rated tracks. And while there are probably a hundred that I would never skip, there are very few that I would go to before either "Broken Flowers" or "Ashes Of Love." There's something about his incredible combination of so many seemingly disparate and distinct styles, all as a foundation for two of the more beautiful lyrical compositions. He's able to produce pop music unlike any pop music I've ever heard before, very much so the best pop I could possibly imagine. The world would be a better place if there was more music like this on the radio. So I leave you with his latest, "Ashes Of Love," and highly recommend checking out his work with PC Music label mate, A.G. Cook as Dux Content and further suggest two of his mixes, Broken Flowers EP Minimix and Jungle Survival DJ Challenge.SUPPORT DANNY L HARLE: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER