Saturday, February 20, 2016

Fred Falke - It's A Memory (Oliver Remix)

Los Angeles duo, Vaughn Oliver and Oliver Goldstein, aka Oliver, have injected their trademark style into Fred Falke's latest "It's A Memory" leading the six track remix package on Mercury Music.
The lyrics from Elohim and Mansions On The Moon, bear a striking resemblance to a previous Fred Falke release, his collaboration with The Knocks, "Geronimo." It's the high flying ethereal lyric "Do you want to float into the beautiful sky with me," that so closely mirrors Geronimo's "You wanna go to the sky with me." Personally, I think this is a brilliant, slightly tongue-in-cheek, memory testing callback to Geronimo, that only longtime fans of Fred Falke would recognize. Surprisingly, the original Geronimo is more bassline driven than the Oliver Memory mix. This is surprising because Oliver have become somewhat synonymous with their own bass heavy productions (see their To U, Electric Love and American Girl remixes, or their Mechanical EP).

All of that comparison aside, the duo simply succeed in mimicking the lyrical content of "the road is easy" and "dancing in the ebb and then the flow" taking our hand in theirs, lifting us up, with free floating synths. With fantastic 80s-esque tuning, Oliver's remix invokes memories of the music of yesteryear. This soaring, incredibly uplifting and beautiful remix is a breath of funky-fresh air. You'll find it easy to fall in love with this genius, ever changing, ebbing and flowing remix that so wondrously illustrates the lighter side of Oliver's production capabilities. Pre-order the remix package now and instantly get a copy of both Oliver and Amtrac's remixes of "It's A Memory," before the full release next Friday, the 26th.