Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Grandtheft - Easy Go Remixes

April 19th marks the official release of, what I'm confident in calling the best remix package of 2017, Grandtheft's "Easy Go." Mad Decent tasks 3 of Toronto's most trusted producers, and a smash talent from Poland in Pham, to take on vocals of yet another Toronto talent, Delaney Jane. Just the prospect of using the immaculate elements of the original is enticing, but having 4 equally diverse and alluring productions is not an easy task. Exactly why this remix compilation is so good.

We had inklings that it was going to be a star studded lineup when previews of both Shaun Frank and Hunter Siegel's contributions surfaced in January. Each delivered extraordinarily, crafting killer mixes in own masterful styles. However, the surprise in my eyes is with Grandtheft's VIP and Pham's incredible re-imagining. Like we saw with Vanic's VIP of "Toon Soon," Grandtheft transforms "Easy Go" in an epic way, with drops that are like an atom bomb on the original's cool ease. Pham too comes close to abandoning the original, reinventing it with old school synths as though pulled out of a 80s film; but in a tripped out, slowed down way. There are no misfires on this release, it's one I'll be hitting up a lot, for a long time. I've been wanting to play Hunter's mix since Stephen Kazumi used it in his video for The Hoxton finale. In light of that, you can expect to hear it tonight on Bump In The Hump.Joining that Torontonian trio, I've got one of the most stacked playlists in Bump In The Hump history. Making it even better, 11 of the 15 tracks are available free. So tune in to Radio Humber live from 6-7 PM EDT, to catch remixes from Ramzoid, Whipped Cream and Rene LaVice, originals from Lukav, IDGVF, Juelz, Pat Lok, plus a track from Fil Jackson's The Uptown EP set to be released on 4/20.