Friday, April 28, 2017

blende - Back To Summertime (ft. Mattie Safer)

London's Johan Blende, otherwise known as blende, nails the mood of the moment with his track "Back To Summertime." Of course that's what most publications are writing about, proclaiming this or that the song of the summer. I don't want to fall into that trap, so I'll just address it here, then let it rest. I feel more inclined then ever to find warm, bouncy and uplifting music, rather than dark moody bass bangers, and of course "Back To Summertime" fulfills that desire, both musically and lyrically.

blende has built this track around Mattie Safer's vocals, getting groovy right from the start. It's a kind of freeing funk, that only requires a mere toe tap but might just lead to being enveloped in ecstasy. I cannot help but think of Chromeo, perhaps my favourite purveyors of electro funk. Obviously blende's production shares a lot of similarities, especially in regards to the guitar work, but it's the the overwhelming warmth and fun that ties the two together so tightly.

There's a lot of promise in "Back To Summertime," both musically and thematically; and I'm certain that between the original and the accompanying remixes (from Cavego and This Soft Machine), blende will be bouncing out my speakers all summer long. Stream and/or download the EP here. FOLLOW BLENDE: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER