Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Slackk - Zip Me Up

British DJ and producer Slackk is set to release his album A Little Light in just over a month's time. While he's best known for grime in both his original productions and mixes (Rinse FM and otherwise), his latest production "Zip Me Up" is a more tempered affair. It's like a slow releasing dose of delicate ambiance that puts you in a magical summery haze. There's something about how the track moves along that is so incredibly alluring, but for some reason eludes my verbiage. It's clearly calm and beautiful in its delivery, marching along with extraordinary aplomb. But there's some mysterious, magical quality behind "Zip Me Up" that tickles my fancy so.

Part of me thinks it's Slackk's grime background that allows for such a brilliant synth design. It's almost as though it's a combination of horns and strings, but whatever it is, it's truly beautiful. The whole track is carefully crafted, not just in its particular sound designs, but in its overall depth. The low rumbling bass both opposes the light airy leads, while somehow giving them strength at the same time. And then there's the rattling percussion, whether from a tambourine or otherwise, it stands as the cherry on top, punctuating the natural, organic beauty of "Zip Me Up." I think this is why I like Slackk's piece so much, it has such a raw real life feel. It sounds as though the image above came to life.
I cannot help but be reminded of Myrryrs' album Passenger, which stands as one of my favourites, in not just recent memory, but of all time. If this track is any indication, A Little Light is going to join that list of awesome albums. I truly cannot wait to hear the dozen other tracks ("Maze" is already out), and how Slackk has packaged them. Pre-order it on your preferred platform here, and get it May 12.