Thursday, April 14, 2016

Throwback Thursday: RYME Interview & BADLQQK Remixed

For this installment in my Throwback Thursday series, I take a look back at the duo RYME, aka Meech and Rynecologist, and the huge leaps and bounds they've taken with their label BADLQQK. About 10 months ago, my partner in crime for Electronic Impressions, Christian Kwamie and I had RYME in studio to chat about their lives as DJs, producers and all around awesome Toronto artists. While the topic of their BADLQQK collective came up, I doubt any of us had any inkling just what it would become. Now after six original EP releases from Slowbody, Cosella, Fearz, Craig Williams, KMRT and of course the duo themselves, they are set to drop a massive five track remix EP, April 19th on Beatport/worldwide May 3rd. After having the Fearz remix of their track "Cockfight" premiered by the one and only Anna Lunoe on her Beats1 show (listen here), the duo have released the full streams of each remix on BADLQQK's soundcloud page below. Since then RYME have teamed up with Toronto outfit Euphoradio dropping a 60 minute mix that serves as an excellent entree ahead of their April 23rd set at The Hoxton alongside Justin Jay, for which you can buy tickets, here.