Sunday, April 24, 2016

RYME and Justin Jay Deliver The Goods

After posting some my hopes and expectations for RYME and Justin Jay's sets yesterday (full post here), they proceeded to meet and surpass anything I could have hoped for. In typical RYME fashion they played so perfectly to the crowd dropping two tributes to Prince, first the original Green Velvet "Bigger Than Prince," and the heartrending mashup of "When Doves Cry" and Metro Area's "Miura." The duo also delivered on my desire to hear some Tiga, with the ridiculously wild Hey Today! remix of "You Gonna Want Me." And yes they did drop some exclusive and unreleased BADLQQK content, to which they made good on my request for Slowbody's remix of KMRT "Flash Flash."  Furthering their streak of bangers, they once again went to Marc Spence's truly filthy track "Nasty." But perhaps the greatest joy I got last night was when Justin Jay played his Late Nite Dub of "Karma," to which I felt ridiculously compelled to personally thank him, giving him my phone with the message "YOU MADE MY NITE." It is that connection between the DJ and the crowd that makes EDM so alluring. And whether it was with fellow Dirtybirds Sacha Robotti's "Shaky," Tim Green's "Kitch-In" or Renato Cohen's "Suddenly Funk," Jay established his groove early starting with his edit of Tag Team's "Whoomp," (which you can find in his "Fantastic Voyage House Party Mix") and kept us reaching for the sky through his set in absolute ecstasy.