Monday, April 18, 2016

Ruxell - Summer ft. Disto [Music Video]

Brazilian producer Ruxell is ready for this warm weather, and aims to inspire with the brand new video for his track "Summer" with help from Disto on vocals. "Summer" is available on iTunes, here. There could hardly be a better time for this video to drop. It seems the weather has finally broken through, calling people outside to enjoy the warmth of the sun and come together to revel in its glory. The video showcases all of love that comes with "Summer" and the carefree, joy it inevitably brings. Apart from the obvious connection to Banvox's "Summer," Ruxell's production hits on all cylinders with powerful percussion propelling the track, alongside the illusory vocals and striking synth chords. Its got just the right amount of old school rave stylings that invoke more of the loving nostalgia of the Summer. The constant movement of Ruxell's production, especially heard through Disto's manipulated vocals, make "Summer" a track that will surely be on repeat through out the festival season.