Friday, April 29, 2016

Yung Bae - Bae 2

I simply cannot get enough of Dallas Cotton's triumphant return to his Yung Bae persona, in the form of the absolutely awesome 12 track, Bae 2 EP. The Portland prodigy has successfully combined disco, funk and vaporwave, by slapping some nu-/post- and future vibes all over a slew of collaborations with the likes of Swindail, Flamingosis, Luca Lush, Josh Pan, and Yung Aloha. I'm always taken aback when artists, particularly electronic artists, are able to create such a cohesive arc through an extended list of tracks, but that's exactly what Yung Bae has achieved. Bookended by thoughful intros and outros, Bae 2 is a tremendous, loving album, that warms the heart and invokes a throwback dance party of the ages. Personally, my favourite track "Ain't Nobody Like You," really gets me going, with the brilliant use of Shaggy's "It Wasn't Me." Available for the incredibly low price of two dollars, you'd be a fool not to get yourself a copy. SUPPORT YUNG BAE: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER