Friday, April 08, 2016

Sia ft. Sean Paul - Cheap Thrills (John J-C Carr Remix)

Fresh off the press, come seven new remixes of Sia's collaboration with Sean Paul, "Cheap Thrills." With mixes from the likes of RAC, Le Youth and Nomero, this package can boast a tremendously diverse collection of artists, sounds and styles. Being a big fan of Cyril Hahn, I immediately went to his mix, and was pleasantly surprised with how deep, dark and heavy it was. It's awesome to hear artists push their boundaries and step outside the norm. Cyril's mix would likely fit perfectly into his DJ sets, as they seem to skew more towards this sound than his light and ethereal productions, especially his Begin EP. But let's return to the topic of this post, John J-C Carr's remix.

Both in the Spotify playlist and in my iTunes, Hahn's mix leads into Carr's. Immediately the styles contrast, in an actually pleasing way, which is often not the case in remix packages. The light and strident synth work in Carr's remix fills me with comfort, calling back Aeroplane's remix of Gypsy & The Cat "The Piper's Song." The warm and energizing synths somehow dissipate into an absolutely turnt, Tchami-style bass drop. But fear not, the soaring synths triumphantly return bolstered by Sia and Sean Paul, coercing us with the lyrics "I don't need no money, as long as I keep dancing." The incredible contrast of the shining brightness and brutish bass drop make John J-C Carr's remix, my favourite of the compilation. Listen to it below, and check out the full EP here. SUPPORT JOHN J-C CARR: FACEBOOK TWITTER