Friday, April 29, 2016

Funkin Matt - Aero (ft. Chris Lie)

Fresh off Dim Mak, Funkin Matt heads high up into the sky before violently dropping "Aero" on our heads, throroughly concussing listeners with deep future vibes. Utilizing Chris Lie's vocals much the same way he used Mariah Carey's in his remix with Gregor Salto of the classic "You're Mine (Eternal)," Funkin Matt has clearly found his magic skeleton key, unlocking awesomeness at every turn. I personally cannot get enough of Matt's productions, whether it's the incredibly bouncy "Elastic," the whirling percussion of "America," his masterful mix of Steve Aoki & Flux Pavilion's "Get Me Outta Here," the wartoad rumbling of "Mad," or my favourite of his "Foxy," Funkin Matt's future is as bright as ever. While the iTunes link leads to a 2:57 version and the Beatport a 3:31, it is my suggestion that you get a little extra Funk, what could be wrong with that? SUPPORT FUNKIN MATT: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER