Friday, April 29, 2016

K Theory - Got Me

Buygore backed, San Francisco duo, K Theory prove that genre-bending tracks can actually be really damn good, with their latest offering, "Got Me," ahead of their forthcoming Electronic Hip Hop EP, dropping May 11. Their production from the perspective of both Hip Hop and Trap is on point and could easily pass as a DJ Mustard beat or GTA joint. The big and fat bass plays perfectly underneath the "so fine" vocals, and the slew of drops have totally got me mesmerized, saying "Damn, girl, where'd you find this?" While the first drop hits from a more standard trap tuning, the second bridges the gap, getting further turnt until the final, reprisal ditches much of the minimal trap considerations for throwback rave synths stabs. Grab the free download now, throw it on in your car and impress passersby. SUPPORT K THEORY: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER