Thursday, April 07, 2016

Lido premieres "Crazy," first track from new album

After gracing the world with his genius revision of Kanye's The Life Of Pablo, last week, Lido's guaranteed that he stays firmly in the spotlight dropping a magical video, "Crazy," the first track from his forthcoming debut album. After having seen his live show, back in November, I can attest that this song and accompanying video perfectly encapsulate his unique and truly inimitable style, both in production and performance. While he didn't actually conduct his gospel inspired tracks, his live play and orchestration was as magical as Mickey Mouse in Fantasia.

This video perfectly showcases his Harry Potter-esque, the chosen-one, level of wizardry alongside bright and sparkling visuals reminiscent of iTunes intergalactic, battling stars. Furthermore "Crazy" as a track in itself, is easily Lido's most complete and mature production to date. His shrewd utilization of all of the best Lido sounds combine with just the right touch of his Trippy Turtle temperament, for the Norwegian wunderkind's most powerful production yet. The vocals and incredible lyrics propel "Crazy" into a category of its own, filling producers around the world with incredible envy. It's hard to believe that Lido can continue to top his already seemingly infinite library of prodigious productions but there seems to be no stopping his genius.