Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sunday Hangover Saviours [Free Downloads]

After a weekend of living life to the fullest, my musical appetite focuses on the more light and bright productions than the raucous, hard-hitting bangers of the previous nights' debauchery. And while the majority of my blog posts focus on brand new music (save for Throwback Thursdays), I'm going to share some of my favourite Sunday morning saviour tracks, in no particular order. All available for free.Awesome future vibes abound with this new one from Kayoh. It's easy to get caught up in the sparkling, magic of this production as it bounces along. A little explosive but nothing that's going to make your head throb any more than it likely already is. And of course "Shh" is something that you're probably saying anyway. Another new track, Kidswaste's remix of one of my all time favourite tracks Chet Porter's "tbh ily." Genre tagged Ambient, Kidswaste's version ups the already high cuteness factor, filling out the original with additional vocals and a freeing twist on the percussion. Comforting, calming, and utterly relaxing, the love oozes, filling hearts in this this sublime, laidback Zelda-house affair. Down-tempo haunting beauty comes to the forefront Obeson's 2013 track that's just come to light this week. The wavering, hollow vocals trembling is situated so delicately around the ringing ambiance of the bells and chill trap stylings. Wonderful progression and story-telling in this emotive arc. Warm French, disco house vibes from Le Youth will get your toes tapping and extremities starting to get their feeling back. Energizing and exhilarating, Le Youth live up to their name refreshing listeners with a youthful resilience that inspires the desire to do something, anything, even if your body is still sore. Playful production and light bounciness support Lil Dicky's rap and Fetty Wap's melodic crooning perfectly. The lyrics, like your headache, will have you swearing off drinking and the tremendous expense that comes with it. Musically, you'll be cracking eggs and breaking bacon dancing around the kitchen cooking your favourite hangover meal. Maybe the best example of the kind of track I'm looking for in this particular situation, bright and playful with a great melody that's incredibly infectious but never too boisterous or in your face. Each element in "zZz" is full of emotion and feeling that works either before your nap or as an alarm of sorts. My affinity for Henrik The Artist is well known, and it would be ridiculous to think I wasn't going to include one from his genius. "On The Moon," somehow went generally unnoticed in my playlists until one day coming up in a shuffle, the awesome Henrik The Artist aesthetic blew my mind, as one of his best all around productions. There's not much that I'm capable of with a Sunday hangover, but playing video games is one of the few things, that I can do. The incredible playful and charming production of each of Henrik's tracks make his library perfect for a day like today. His just released Friendship EP is exactly the kind of musical arc that can transform a sleepy Sunday into savory one. Of course beauty is the most desirable aspect in tracks with a Sunday hangover, but I always want playful, energizing tracks not moody, sit-in-a-dark-room, tracks, so this dopamine inducing track absolutely nails that aesthetic. The jamming synthed steel drum overwhelms with love and happiness, cools your heartburn and cleanses your palette with some sweet ear candy.