Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Kanye West ft Frank Ocean & Caroline Shaw - Wolves (Jesse Slayter Remix)

Early this morning, a soundcloud account called 'mi305tL' posted its first track, an alleged Jesse Slayter remix of the Cashmere Cat produced Kanye West track with Frank Ocean and Caroline Shaw, "Wolves."
Evidence does point to it being a Jesse Slayter production, as he's reposted it on his official soundcloud and it's currently pinned on his twitter. This is what the world of soundcloud has become, when artists create entirely new accounts to release bootleg remixes, for fear of having their official account (followers, plays and tracks) deleted. I wonder when soundcloud will grow wise to this and strike back accordingly. It's obvious when artists like Lido, publicly decry soundcloud's policies, then create another account, clearly under the same name 'lidogotclouds' or explicitly calling them bootleg accounts, that they are subverting the system. Don't get me wrong I'm glad these accounts exist, it's important that music has a place to be shared, but it seems to have reached epidemic proportions. The number of people creating new accounts just so they can download fan-gated tracks without reposting to their official account is insane, which brings us full circle to Jesse Slayter's "Wolves."

Commendably, Jesse's given away this remix truly, 100% free. He's not fan-gating, you don't have to share, follow or comment, just grab the download from mediafire. The sad part, is that we've made it this far and haven't even talked about the quality of Slayter's music, but if you're here in the first place, it's likely because you're already well aware of Slayter's production prowess. He's flipped Kanye's original, into a jam session of sorts; a funky get down, that while utilizing much of the original, transforms it into a stalking predatory production. Must say it's an impressive undertaking from Slayter, who continually dazzles with his wide array of skills and next level artistry.