Monday, January 23, 2017

Lolica Tonica - Eyes On You EP

Japanese duo, Lolica Tonica just released their first EP since 2015. Eyes On You features two new original productions as well as a VIP version of their single "Luv Sick." As established by the only line in their bio, they "just make you feel so high," through their frantic 160 bpm style. As I was scrolling through my soundcloud feed as I usually do, I found myself particularly picky today; I seemed to be looking for a very particular sound and feel, something out of the ordinary. I think I found it with Lolica Tonica. I'm definitely partial to kawaii and 160 stuff, but the quality of Eyes On You is unavoidable. The EP starts with the title track, "Eyes On You" and sets the mood brilliantly. It's glittery, upbeat and exciting. It's the musical equivalent of a confetti explosion. It's almost impossible to focus on one thing. There's so much going on, but every note is perfectly placed, its never discordant or out of step. There's so many layers of harmony, the best example of which is the numerous vocal elements and their incredible interplay. Even the bird chirping sound effects play perfectly alongside the piano.

"Luv Charm" takes the rapid fire groove established in the first track to a more dance friendly locale. It maintains much of the video game sound effects and styling, while focusing more on the voice of Yura Mari. And where "Eyes On You" runs at an incredible pace adding layer after layer, "Luv Charm" takes a more subtle approach, many times stripping back layers, standing strong underneath its portentous piano and percussion. As you'll hear, it is the most balanced track of the EP, with the VIP an all out blitz.

Once again, the track is lead out with a groovy drum rhythm accented by vocal chops. Before long Ina's voice picks up gliding along the track, contrasting beautifully with the breakneck speed and intensity of the rest of the production. And it's precisely Lolica Tonica's use of her vocals that make this track such an epic stunner, they transform the chops into an instrument of its own. The chord progression in the atypical drop is simply stunning, it's playful and full of emotion, leaving you utterly breathless.

Eyes On You is the kind of EP that leaves me in awe, wondering how so many sounds can be put together and sound so perfect; it just seems to good to be true. It makes me believe in magic, and that's exactly what I want in music, a suspension of disbelief, taking me away for at least a moment. Give your brain a holiday and download Eyes For You for free, from Maltine Records, here.