Sunday, December 06, 2015

New Grandtheft Mix For Diplo & Friends

Last night while in line waiting to get into The Hoxton to see Cyril Hahn, I was scrolling through twitter and saw this weird tweet. Playing IDs (or unnamed work in progress tracks) isn't necessarily odd, but this one struck me, mostly because of the youtube video it's linked to, being an only 42 second clip.
But then I realized it wasn't from just any old BBC show, it was from Grandtheft's mix for Diplo & Friends. I'm a big fan of the show, both because of the wide range of upcoming talents that deliver monster mixes but also the incredible number of brand new and unreleased content those talents drop. Grandtheft's mixes are never to be slept on as he always comes through with brilliance, this one certainly does that, but more excitingly there is a crazy number of new and unreleased tracks from Keys N Krates, Autoerotique and Hunter Siegel, and of course a significant number of exclusives from Grandtheft himself. Because the internet is the best, you can stream the mix below, or download it here.

Specific points of interest for me were (in chronological order): the section from Boombox Cartel "B2U," through RL Grime's remix of The Weeknd "The Hills," Baauer's "GoGo!," to the Grandtheft edit of Kendrick Lamar and Jackal & Hyde's "Carbomb City." Then there's one of the coolest collabs I've ever seen/heard combining Tame Impala, RL Grime and Wuki for "Let It Happen" with Grandtheft doing his own edit. It's followed by that Autoerotique and Hunter Siegel collab presumably titled "Get It On The Floor," which I filmed from my phone at the last #NoNeon, watch it here. Gotta say I love the transition from that into Dom Dias' "Bathing Apes," into the Blonde remix of Neana's "Yeezus 2," into Ballast "For Club Use," culminating in Ryan Hemsworth's way too awesome flip of Club Cheval "Discipline." Grandtheft continues to go in, dropping his forthcoming mix of Liz Kay "When I Rule The World."

That Keys N Krates ID is still so massive after it's original posting in April, really hope it finds a release in their upcoming album; super stoked off it and the dance moves from Tune and Matisse, nice camera work from Jr. Flo too. Of course these are not the only standout tracks in the mix the whole thing is great, and well worth a listen. These Diplo & Friends mixes always get me hyped for the exclusive they play host to, inevitably not all of them see releases but you can hope.