Saturday, December 05, 2015

Nitro Fun - Fading Away (ft. Aviana)

Rarely is new music dropped on a Saturday, but self proclaimed 8-bit character, Nitro Fun just released the bright and beautiful yet haunting, "Fading Away." It's got everything you've come to love and expect from one of the most talented youngsters on Monstercat's absolutely stacked lineup. This drum and bass masterpiece hit in so many ways, whether it's the light and airy sections with Aviana's delicate vocal touches or the driving and jacking breaks highlighted by Nitro Fun's video game inspired synths.
The beauty is two fold; first in those Zelda-esque video game synths, but secondly and more explicitly, the vocals, both spoken and sung. The line "results in a complete withdrawal from people" is so perfectly placed right before the dreamlike state of the drum and bass kicks in, at which point the theme that Nitro Fun is working with "going up but still being haunted by [...] the past" is made crystal clear, with the line "he goes over and over, the events of his life, reliving his successes and suffering his failures." Sheer haunting brilliance, that climaxes with Aviana's dulcet tones, "does it ever end? feelings of regret, counting my mistakes, I'm afraid to fade away." Grab the free download for yourself.