Sunday, December 27, 2015

Best Free Xmas MP3s

By now I'm sure everyone's done opening their gifts and have taken advantage of some great deals, and since there's nothing better than free, I return after a two day hiatus, bearing the gift of free music.
Arriving today on soundcloud was this wonderful rework of Disclosure and Lorde's "Magnets" from rising star, Dom Dias. It's a really nice peeled back version that glides out of your speakers; it's a little less bass heavy than the previous tracks we've heard from Dom, but the production value is most certainly on par. The ebb and flow of the synths are greatly complimented by a bouncy and fluttering bass drop; the atmospheric sounds of the loons and gusts of wind evoke a live performance at your cottage. The real magic and brilliance lies in the superb drum 'pattern,' which is in scare-quotes because after listening multiple times, I'm still not sure I can pick up on it but damn it's sounds good.
I'm not sure where MDK was when he wrote "Snowdown," but since this has undoubtedly been the Christmas without snow, it's either a cheeky joke or some kind of dark magic that conjures the white stuff when played; some kind of so called snow-dance. MDK brings his unmistakable style to the holiday spirit, great bright, bleepy and bouncy electro drum and bass, that is taken to the next level with his expert ear for sound effects. The sleigh bells, "Santa's getting funky," and laughter samples always make MDK a force to be reckoned with but "Snowdown" reaches a higher level, grab this crowd-pleaser and make sure it finds its way into your New Years Eve playlist. Daktyl delivered on Christmas day putting his mark on Odesza's "Light." Even with the ridiculously massive year he's had this track could be his best of the year. Everything that we've come to expect from Daktyl has been packaged super nicely in this mix; his production value and effect sampling is unparalleled, most notably with the rattling sound that evokes a spray-paint can. His unbelievably ear for atmosphere supports the beyond beautiful vocals from Little Dragon. The spinning and whirling of effects on the drops is what sets Daktyl apart and he seemingly delivered his most dynamic production to date. Shlohmo brought a whole sack of freebies, with Chet Faker, Jim-E-Stack, Baauer and Jacques Greene dropping remixes of Shlohmo's Dark Red EP. Whereas the above three tracks were bright and warm, the four remixes below are far more dark and brooding. All of the mixes have contrasting feels and bring different things to the table. Of course the Chet Faker mix of "Remains" stands out in large part due to his intoxicating vocals, but it's the overall technological vibe and feel from the heart monitoring beeps and incessant typing that sends countless shivers down your spine. Jim-E-Stack's clicky and otherwise delicate mix is truly a "Slow Descent" into the mind of his genius, it sounds as though it could have been plucked right out of Jamie xx's In Colour. Both Baauer and Jacques Greene take on "Ten Days Of Falling," and although their style of productions are so different they both found a way to get the best out of Shlohmo's original. Of course Baauer's mix is more bass heavy and trap inspired, it is the massive atmosphere that shines through, there's no room large enough to hold all that is Baauer and his brilliance. Greene however seems to always find the perfect balance; his productions always evoke an epic journey though his finely tuned and crafted sounds. I nearly forgot about this gem from Ryme, because I've had it in my super secret exclusive folder since the summer, but if you've been fortunate enough to catch one of their amazing sets you very well could have heard their masterful remix of Anna Lunoe's "Satisfaction." Their use of 'simple' effects pan, reverb, delay, echo and flange make this an absolute club killer. The beat and rhythm is never lost and always succeeds in surrounding and propping up it's listeners. Get your shuffle and drop this one into your New Years Eve playlist, where you'll undoubtedly take your BADLQQK to a whole new level. We end with my favourite look for Skrillex, abandoning his quest for creating the heaviest, grimiest tracks, is when we get the most creatively beautiful tracks from his undoubted genius. This haunting and bewitching collaboration with Tennyson and White Sea, is perhaps better suited for Halloween as the synth work reminds me of Wendy Carlos' theme from the Shining. However it is the light yet powerful piano chords that, when combined with the vocals, makes this track inescapable. Just try listening to it once, I have a hard time believing you'll be the same; it'll change you for the better.