Thursday, December 10, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Bodzin & Huntemann - Rubin

For this week's installment of my TBT series, it is my pleasure to re-introduce the world to one of the most carefully produced, creepiest, heaviest, most jacking, epic, rolling, creative-masterpieces I've ever heard, the joint production from geniuses Stephan Bodzin and Oliver Huntemann, "Rubin." I first heard this track where it does it best work, in the middle of a mix. The reality is all tracks are at their best when they are properly mixed into a set. There is no doubt that when "Rubin" is inserted into a mix, and you hear those familiar tech synth stabs or percussive clicks, the set is immediately better. You know the dancefloor is about to shake and pulsate at a level unlike any other. Both Bodzin and Huntemann are masters of dancefloor manipulation, tweaking their sounds ever so slightly to create absolute mayhem in the minds of the listeners. Their tracks are in stratospheres of their own, being secret weapons for DJs around the world and influencing producers in the very same way.

What producer, hearing "Rubin" for the first time, wouldn't think "damn, I want to make a track like that." There are so many intricate facets that set "Rubin," and verily all of Bodzin and Huntemann's libraries apart; the progressive nature, the sublime synth work, the popping percussion and beyond blissful bass. I'm quite sure Bodzin is no mere mortal, but actually a Jedi Master in disguise. At a number of shows he's even revealed his lightsaber, using it and his Jedi mind tricks to control the audience. Bodzin and Huntemann succeed in transporting their listeners (or better yet puppets) to a world free from worry, anger, fear, pain, or anything but euphoria; their rhythms take over your body and send you into a trance. You become one with the DJ, the crowd, the lights, the music and the club, pulsating in time, letting go of the world; perhaps this is the true meaning of living in the moment.

There is nothing better in my mind than the swells that Bodzin and Huntemann have created both in their magnum opus, "Rubin." But if you want (or need) more like this, let me suggest Bodzin's work with Marc Romboy, specifically their monster 3 CD release Luna which features the best of their collaborative genius, as well as a slew of masterful remixes. Bodzin and Romboy are joined by Huntemann who remixes "Miranda" in ridiculously epic fashion. The two (Bodzin and Huntemann) also remixed Depeche Mode's "Everything Counts" to great success. Finally, let me recommend Huntemann's album Paranoia which like Luna, stands as one of the greatest successes in Techno history.