Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Hebinomichi Volume 3

I first came across Hebinomichi last summer, while searching for more music from local talent Pusher. Admittedly I still know very little about the label/crew/collective, but what I do know is that their now 3 compilation volumes are perhaps the most cohesive and forward thinking compilation albums I've ever heard. The first track I hard was Pusher's "Pluto!" but I was greatly impressed with two other tracks from their first volume, SteLouse and ahh-ooh "Sex Panther," and one of my all time favourites, the incredibly catchy "All This Time," from Curious Kontrol.
How Hebinomichi was able to get so many unbelievably talented, rising stars is beyond extraordinary. My passion Pusher's productions and DJing is obvious if you've ever heard any of my radio shows, but he's not the only Hebinomichi artist that has climbed into the top echelon of favourite artists. SteLouse, JAWZ (now KUGA) ill-esha and Grimecraft have all jumped up into my consciousness and I am always awaiting their next releases, a small sample of which you can hear after the break.

It's the combination of strange futuristic sounds, catchy melodies and bouncy bass drops, that can all be picked up for free, is really what sets Hebinomichi apart from other label/crew/collectives out there. I highly recommend picking up all three compilations, but as for the third I'd draw your attention to stand out tracks from who else but ill-esha "Ghostwriter," Grimecraft "Without U," and SteLouse "Couch Surf."