Tuesday, December 22, 2015

New Order - Tutti Frutti (Hot Chip Remix)

The soundcloud stream for this may be months old, but on just the second week of December, Hot Chip officially delivered one of the best remixes of 2015, a nearly twelve minute seductive and scintillating slice of dance music magic, in the form of New Order's "Tutti Frutti."
The epic nature of this remix never loses it stride continually rolling along, evolving alongside you, as you experience your flirtation with the dancefloor. Hot Chip always do an incredible job breathing soul and humanity into the inorganic, technological sounds; their tracks can bring even the most mundane to shining, sparkling and glowing life. The track becomes your guide and companion, your true love that you can depend and lean on.  "Tutti Frutti" comes to life in a calculated building of growing beeps and clicks chugging along building up steam and initializing its program. All at once a fully formed and comprehensive consiousness appears in the form of the first vocals, "Life is so crazy these days, I don't know how to adjust. Are we the master or slave?" Hot Chip showcase superb production value with each dissonant and crisp click, the bouncing and boundless bass synth, and the manifold atmosphere, all of which, come together to compliment and perfectly round out the vocals. The track is full of movement and subtle manipulations and surprises, easily making it one the most irresistible and dance-able tracks. Despite its long length it is ridiculously easy to get lost in its countless layers and hit that repeat button to relive the "Tutti Frutti " magic once more.