Friday, December 18, 2015

What So Not - Gemini EP

Perhaps the most anticipated EP of the year finally dropped, and you can pick it up for free! The five track EP, Gemini, is Flume's last hurrah with Emoh Instead as What So Not, and punctuates a truly great run of productions from the duo. They had been arguably the best and most consistent duo on the planet, until it was announced that Flume would be leaving. Oddly enough, it was around the same time Skrillex and Diplo took the world by storm with Jack U, but I digress. It's only fitting in my mind that the aussie duo that seemingly appeared all at once, and grabbed the scene by the scruff of it's neck, wrap things up with with an EP of Gemini's caliber. The free EP is a combination of tracks that their fans have been craving for more than a dozen months. Earlier this year the released the title track "Gemini" with George Maple, after having previewed it as an 'ID' as early as last summer. But it isn't the only one that's been in floating around our consciousness since last summer. You may very well remember their collab with Dillon Francis, "Dill's Mom" having been teased for an unyielding amount of time. It's also on the EP but retitled and slightly retooled as "Arrows" with Dawn Golden

The EP is rounded out with two more collaborations with KLP on "Death Drive" and Tunji on "Intro," as well as one final Flume & Emoh original "Oddity" which holds up to the high What So Not standard easily fitting in with "Jaguar," "Touched," and "The Quack." It's you're last chance to enjoy the collaborative efforts of Flume & Emoh, and although I expect to hear great music from them individually, I doubt we'll ever get anything that can rival their genius productions: their Major Lazer "Get Free," Parachute Youth "Awake Now," Van She "Idea of Happiness" or my favourite track of their's "Love Theme." Listen to the EP below and pick it up free for yourself.