Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Best Musical Moment of 2015

Being the last day of 2015, it gives me great pleasure to share my favourite musical moment of the year, one that has followed me through the busiest and craziest years I've experienced. The clip below is from Ryan Hemsworth's valentine day mix for Diplo & Friends. In 7 and half minutes Hemsworth plays at least 10 different tracks, mixed so perfectly it sends the feels up my spine every time I hear them.
Cut right out of his hour long mix, this snippet encapsulates the mix as a whole and does a superb job of establishing the ethos of one of Canada's most treasured commodities, the genius, Ryan Hemsworth. The serene, rising beauty of noclip's "Samantha" sets the mood for the breathtaking ride that Hemsworth has in store. His eclectic style is first established with the incoming Rae Sremmurd "Unlock The Swag" vocals combined with the more powerful and driving Cosmo's Midnight "Trapperkeeper." The back and forth/coming and going nature of his mixing creates a brilliant and dynamic fluidity that you cannot help but be overcome by.

Even his fades (with filtering) is done to perfection as he eases us into each new element; upon each dropping in, each element feels familiar as though it is where it were meant to be. The anthemic yet personal and conversational tone and nature of GFOTY's "Believe" perfectly illustrates the hilariously successful contrast of kawaii music with gangster rapping through the mix. My favourite section come from the end of "Believe" into Henrik The Artist's "Naked" combined with Cash Out's "Hold Up." It has been my default ringtone since early spring, and I can't imagine changing it anytime soon. It was my first exposure to Henrik who has quickly become one of my favourite artists.

Hemsworth's superior mixing rolls right through into INODI's "I Want U," at which point more Sauce Twinz "2 Legited 2 Quited," is seamlessly added to Murlo's "Beatless Selene." The atmospheric feels abound as Hemsworth works his musical magic over us, before ending his sample heavy mix transitioning into Dream Beach's "Missing Peace." When writing these blog posts I sometimes grow tired of listening to the same piece over and over again but I it's nearly as amazing this time nearly a year after original hearing it, and listening to it dozens of times throughout 2015.

The whole hour long mix is my favourite of the year and most certainly my go to option when I need something to get lost in for an hour; it is my musical safe-space. I hope it speaks to you in the same way it did for me, especially as a child of the late 80s/early 90s with its video game inspired sounds and throwback feels. Perhaps you'd be interested in hearing his "Just Rap Mix" that he dropped prior to his tour with Tommy Kruise. Otherwise just keep your ears open for more from Hemsworth, who just seems to have his hand in everything, including his Secret Songs 'label' where you can pick up each release for free, including Henrik The Artist's "Naked." Go forth and share the magic that is Ryan Hemsworth music.