Monday, December 21, 2015

Maxo - Plushlined


Musical mastermind, Maxo is certainly in the giving spirit having just dropped the first single off his new EP for free. His brand new track "Plushlined" ought to ensure the hype for full release holds through the holiday season, though the clever and polished production value of his trademark arcade bit-tune style. His productions always transport the listener into some kind of high powered, bonus level of you favourite early Nintendo or Sega game. The atmosphere and flow is so seductive you can't shake the feeling that you've evolved into some kind of superhero capable single-handedly ridding the world of evil. The opening section invokes the menu and loading screens before the adventure really begins to take off; bright and beautiful synths are supported by snappy drum licks and just the right amount of symbolic effects set the mood. With a single and subtle flourish the image is changed and we're off running, jumping over obstacles and defeating enemies. The progressions and change in musical elements, while the same overall feel is maintained drives the movement through various settings on this musical level. The greatest success in the track lies in the constant development and progression in all of the musical elements, whether it is the drums persistent movement or the eternal evolution of the synths setting up all the elements to come. The track is perhaps one of the best boss fights beats I've ever heard and can assure you, your character will fare better with Maxo orchestrating your skirmish. If you need any more Maxo music to slaughter your enemies to, let me recommend: his original "Eddy Vancover," his cover of Justin Bieber "What Do You Mean" his album Chordslayer, and his Level Music collection.