Monday, December 28, 2015

Felguk & Lazy Rich - Dance To The Beat

The gift just keep coming down the chimney, this time it's in the form of a collaboration between two of the most twisted electro producers out there, Felguk and Lazy Rich. "Dance To The Beat" brings so many great elements to the table including all that could possibly be expected from such a massive collaboration. It's got all of the right pieces; powerful builds and whacked out drops rife with perverted synth warbles, hard grinding rhythms and a strikingly funky, contrasting middle section that calls to mind Chromeo. The Chromeo connection is strengthened by the talk box use in the repeated "Dance To The Beat." When all of these components are combined the track hits and drives at such a powerful, potent and compelling way that you cannot help but get your grimy, filth shaking like a dog on the dancefloor; you instantly become a kindergartner with no body control flailing uncontrollably possessed by the magical creation of Felguk and Lazy Rich.  Grab the download and lose yourself to the beat.