Friday, December 11, 2015

Chet Porter - Awakening

Yesterday Chet Porter dropped the stream of his new track "Awakening," which you can now pick up for yourself. Chet's had an amazing year, dropping great freebies including remixes of Hitmane's "Over You," Ember Island's cover of Jack U "Where Are U Now," Porter Robinson's "Fellow Feeling," and his outright amazing original "Aluko River." After building up a considerable following with his free downloads Chet has entered into the world of pay music with "Awakening" being released on Big Beat Records through iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and Spotify. Look for more emotional explosive, sparkling, beautiful production value and future feels from Chet in the future, as his creative genius has repeatedly teased us on twitter (with this story about overflowing creativity part 1 & 2, and a forthcoming remix). Check out the true story behind his "Over You" remix and his amazingly exquisite mixtape for Big Beat's NatDodge HOTMES series. So much Chet, so little time.

fun fact: i actually wrote my remix of "over u" in 1994 for Disney's The Lion King, but it was stripped from the film to avoid bad press because i was on trial for murder. finally, 22 years later, i am pleased to announce they are letting me share the song along with the original edit of the movie. i hope u enjoy
Posted by Chet Porter on Monday, 28 September 2015