Monday, December 14, 2015

Monday Mashed Up Mix #5

Each Monday I post a little mix of less than 30 minutes for your listening pleasure. It contains a variety of electronic music mixed and mashed up to varying degrees. The music is always first and foremost while DJing and mixing skills are meant to take a back seat. It includes some brand new stuff but also some forgotten gems and whatever it was that had entered my consciousness. I'll be hosting them on my Dropbox page for your listening and downloading pleasure, MONDAY MASHED UP MIX VOL 5. You can find the tracklisting and links for each track after the break...

This week is perhaps the most mashed up and crazy edition, which is saying something considering the first edition. It pays homage to Internet Daughter and Eytan Tobin's set at The Hoxton this past Friday with the lead track "Damn Girl" and "Weight In Gold." There are three straight mashups, and a couple of other playful edits/remixes, and since, in the last week, I've been obsessed with nightcore so I cheekily added the kittynxc version of "Waiting Up."