Saturday, December 12, 2015

No Mana - 5UP

No Mana has absolutely burst onto the scene. In just over a year, he's dropped no less than 15 tracks, most of which you can find as free downloads on his Soundcloud, but he's also released tracks on mau5trap and Armada. His latest freebie 5UP is a brilliant slice of progressive power. The tracks "Banhammer," and "What's Your WiFi" could easily have been taken right out of one of deadmau5' early albums Random Album Title or For Lack Of A Better Name. It's no wonder the mau5 has taken a liking to No Mana. There's some serious production value with just the right amount of booming bass to shock the system. The magic lies in the sneakily subtle building of tension that reaches a surprising climax, culminating in the combination of all of the driving loops and bleeping computer sounds. The computer error tone in "What's Your WiFi," gives the feeling of something going terribly wrong, but the only thing wrong is that there just isn't enough WiFi for everyone. The breaks between 'drops' is pure technological beauty; technology is cold and lifeless but No Mana has found a way to breathe life into these evil machines. That evil darkness hits its peak in "Banhammer" when the brooding ominous bass covers everything in an unholy cloud of gloom. There's no doubt in my mind that these tracks will work wonders when played out live for a crowd or merely for you and your cat in your basement. Be sure to pick up these brilliant free downloads, and check out the masterful library of tracks No Mana has compiled.