Tuesday, December 15, 2015

2Pac - Changes (Shemce Remix)

Shemce is back with yet another amazing pop remix, carefully crafted for the club. After achieving success and overwhelming acclaim for his remixes of deadmau5' "Strobe," A$AP Rocky's "LSD," and Tinashe's "Cold Sweat," he was tapped to drop an official remix for Audien's "Something Better." Now he's gone back further into his roots, reworking the uber classic jam from 2Pac, "Changes." Shemce knocks this one out of the park, breathing life into the decades old track, firmly supplanting it in the club, making it just that much more danceable. He's now successfully brought both sides of the east coast/west coast rivalry, into the future. Check out his first soundcloud release, his remix of Notorious B.I.G. "Juicy." The brilliance in Shemce's production value is the care he uses in maintaining the original spirit and feel from the vocals, while surrounding it with his vibing style. It's clear these tracks hold a special place in his heart as he leaves so much of the original track intact. His subtle, yet powerful production value makes his tracks surefire dance-floor sirens; luring enchanted listeners to the floor, forever more. This Shemce-inspired euphoria ensures you'll be hearing more from his beautiful mind in the future. Be prepared for a rush of "dem feels" when you throw Shemce on your speakers.