Monday, January 16, 2017

Yelle - Ici & Maintenant (Kane West Remix)

This past Thursday, French group Yelle had their track "Ici & Maintenant," Here & Now in english, remixed by Londoner, Kane West. The originally bright, playful movement, has become an acid tinged, techno bump and grinder. Many of you know Kane West from PC Music, and you can hear some that in this mix, but this is a different kind of computerized production. It's both analog and completely inorganic, but that doesn't mean it is liveless and stale. Rather, it is vibrant, bubbling over with playful activity. From the youthful drum fills, snappy samples ("get down"), and spunky scratching, there's countless processes in this program, "Ici & Maintenant," that combine to not only bring it to life, but to give the track a life of its own. Get it via Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, Deezer and Google Play, here. FOLLOW KANE WEST: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER