Tuesday, January 03, 2017

KXVU - Sao Feng (ft. Razor)

I've already predicted that 2017 will see more Grime than ever, and it only took until the 3rd day of the year for me to find a fire example. KXVU, co-founder of Southpoint, is gearing up to drop a 12 track album Cub Inna Caribbean, next Thursday, January 12th. "Sao Feng" is the lead track, and if the album is anything like this lyrical onslaught it will leave an indelible mark on ears around the world. KXVU and Razor both go on a full out blitz, riffling off rhymes at blistering pace, no doubt leaving your head spinning. The force of their foreboding posturing is only amplified by incredible production; with bass pulses that cause your heartbeat to race, and further ominous explosions throughout, "Sao Feng" oozes with anticipation of an inevitable annihilation. The island inspired, flute-driven high end, echoes so endlessly that it seems to suck out all available oxygen. This is grime doing exactly what it's meant to; it's intimidating, energizing and extremely injurious. Listen with caution, it's so violent it may leave you dismembered, and so good you won't even realize it's an homage to Pirates of the Caribbean. FOLLOW KXVU: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER