Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Full, uncut interview with ClassyVlassy

Last week ClassyVlassy, aka Colin Vlasak, took over the reins of My Mixtape on Radio Humber. As usual, we did an interview ahead of time and despite thinking a half hour would be more than enough time to chat and sort out all the details of the mix, we ended up speaking for over an hour. As you may know, he's the editor and co-founder of FUXWITHIT, which means he's got a wealth of knowledge, well-founded opinions and ideas about the scene. With that in mind, I decided I just had to share our full conversation, in all its unedited glory. We spoke about his role with FUXWITHIT and its inception, their upcoming third anniversary, his introduction to electronic music, the Toronto scene, some of his favourite artist and of course his set for My Mixtape. Stream the interview below, follow FUXWITHIT, and be sure to check out his excellent episode of My Mixtape here. FOLLOW CLASSYVLASSY: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER