Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Squired & Minit - Awake

A cross continent collab from New York's Squired and Korea's Minit, just arose on soundcloud less than an hour ago. "Awake" is an awesome future bass track that hits on all cylinders. Despite using tried and true styles and sounds, it's not generic in any way. Rather it uses the foundation of future bass to paint a beautiful picture and engrossing story - best encapsulated in its name, "Awake."

The percussion and uplifting vocal strides propel listeners into an upright position. "Awake" then wavers and wobbles, wiping the grogginess from your vision and the crust from your eyes. It's a fight we all undertake everyday; getting up and out of bed is not an easy task, either physically or mentally. The struggle doesn't get easier until you get a little bit of extra help and inspiration, in this case the jolt of energy of your morning coffee is illustrated as the soaring synth solo starting at 2:59. It's as potent as double shot of espresso right into the bloodstream, perfect for your morning. "Awake" will have you empowered and ready to conquer the day, inspired by Squired and Minit's heart-palpitating beauty. Wake up your senses with "Awake" for free via ToneDen here.