Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Missy Elliott - GET UR FRK ON (Indiginis Re-Fresh)

You may already know DC's Indiginis from their numerous remixes, or even from their original collaboration with Blu J, as heard on Bump In The Hump, but if this is the first you're hearing of them, buckle in for some sexy sounds. Their latest, a remix of Missy Elliott's "Get Ur Freak On," may be their deepest cut yet. You would never expect to hear Missy as a jazz club stunner, but that's just what Indiginis have done with it. They deliver drums that cry out their creative groove, playing perfectly with the emotionally involved piano. It twists your insides making you feel so many unexpected emotions, especially when you consider Missy's lyrics. It's simplistic enough that it could be preformed by a four or five piece band, yet each element plays such an important role, combining to create the jazz group of the future. I've written about future jazz before, specifically Luca Lush and Bishu's remix of "Alaska," and this one fits that mold just the same. It's alive and full of feeling, and gives me hope for the future of music, specifically the genre of the moment, future bass. While this isn't exactly future bass, that's the way some of the fills, breaks and certainly the drop lean. This is truly unique, and undeniably awesome.

UPDATE: the re-fresh was taken down, however you can stream the instrumental below, renamed brilliantly with Missy's lyrics. The download link still works, and includes the original vocals, as intended. You can "GET UR FRK ON" for free via ToneDen, here.