Monday, January 09, 2017

Take/Five - After Life

UK trap producer Take/Five has just released his 3 track EP, After Life. The lead, and title track, is rife with imagery, painting the picture of a rise towards the heavens. The slow rising beginning illustrates a burning effigy, punctuated at the 0:28 mark with the soul being launched into space. The drop signifies the soul breaking in a new plane of existence, the "After Life." However this afterlife isn't infinite bliss, it's a mélange, in constant flux and unrest. And that's the beauty of Take/Five's production, it doesn't rest. It pits opposing elements together, yet finds a way to mix them so that the combination feels like home. He uses trap sounds in a thought provoking way, as opposed to the typical turnt, lose your shit, style. It's a breath of fresh air to hear trap done like this. "After Life" and the rest of the EP are available for streaming via Spotify and Apple Music, and download via Google Play and iTunes. FOLLOW TAKE/FIVE: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER