Sunday, May 01, 2016

bailey - Gold (Geek Boy Remix)

The UK's Al Swettenham, aka Geek Boy, has done it again. This time remixing the title track from bailey's album, Gold. Absolutely nailing the melodic future bass aesthetic, combined with his trademark bleepy 8-bit touch, Geek Boy has once again crafted an ear-catching, aurally auspicious remix. Last time we heard from him (as least on this blog), he was working his magic alongside MYLK for their cover of Sweet Female Attitude's "Flowers," and it seems his productions have only become more intoxicating. The incredible flourishes and head-snapping speed at which Geek Boy's remix moves is only part of the allure of its awesome beauty. For me the greatest part of Geek Boy's productions is his ability to so seemlessly fly between countless different instruments and sounds, all while maintaining a clear direction, and, in this case, upholding the delicate beauty of bailey's original song. Be sure to grab a copy of the free download, and enjoy its graceful elegance when and wherever you like. SUPPORT GEEK BOY: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER