Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Hero's Long Lost Minimix

Yesterday afternoon, Calgary's own, Hero dropped a self described random "18 minute electro mix [from] a while ago." Turns out that "while" was a few years, but in the same vein as A-Trak's Bloghaus Revival mix, it's filled with tracks that stand the test of time and still sound as fresh as ever.
Hero treats us to an excellently mixed compilation of tracks from the likes of Pilotpriest, Gesaffelstein, Sebastien Leger, Cassius, dcup, Siriusmo, and some Uffie, of course. Despite his claim that the mix is random, it actually flows really well and brilliantly showcases Hero's true artistry, in which he literally does everything: production, writing, mixing, vocals and art. The back and forth mixing between tracks in the early sections is tight, well thought out and adds some serious oomph. I've always liked mixes for the unparalleled amount of creativity they allow an artist to take advantage of and room for story telling, and there's no doubt that Hero puts this to good use. Alternatively, original productions and single tracks leave less room for such drawn out storytelling, making them more compressed and lean more heavily on vocals to tell the story, see for example his latest original, "Crutch," below.