Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Adele - Hello (Tara Louise Cover)

By now the world has been beyond flooded with remixes and covers of Adele's "Hello" but it's never too late for a new life to be injected into such a monolith of a track. Tara Louise has done just that with her uplifting, powerful and sensationally sanguine cover, blowing the dust off Adele's soulful ballad.
The combination of deafened funky bassline, fluttering piano and commanding vocals takes the soulful lyrics into a totally different direction. It's that much more potent and in my opinion, beautiful than the original. There's no question this is not the Tara you've come to know through her countless appearances on EDM tracks such as "Fall In Love" with Kivrak, "The Power" with Dirtyloud and "Promised Land" with bildjan.